• Easy navigation menu by body part
  • Search menu
  • High-quality images of positions
  • Details of patient position
  • Collimation details
  • Details on CR centering
  • Breathing instruction when applicable
  • Tube angles
  • Special tips for Orthopedic and Trauma views
  • Helpful tips

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Why is a certain exam not included in RadTechPro?
We determine what to include in the app based on several factors. Firstly, we wanted a well-rounded app that included the most common x-ray exams. Secondly, in modern medicine many x-rays are simply obsolete. Many have been replaced by CT or other modalities. We realize that some of these exams must still be learned and practiced, and we plan on including more exams in later versions of the app.
Why doesn't RadTechPro include any photos of the actual x-ray image?
RadTechPro focuses on the specific positioning of the patient and tube angles needed to acquire satisfactory images. We as techs all know how a specific x-ray should look; sometimes we just forget how to position the patient. Also, in the interest of keeping the app's size to a minimum, we don't include x-ray images.
Why doesn't RadTechPro address technical exposure factors?
Simply stated: every x-ray machine is different. We are not in the business of determining how much or how little to expose your patients. You should always defer to your department's protocols when determining mAs and KVP settings. ALWAYS adhere to the principle of ALARA: As Low As Reasonably Acheivable.
Why doesn't RadTechPro address gonadal shielding on each exam?
As a rule of thumb every tech should always defer to his/her department's protocols with regard to gonadal/thyroid shielding. Shielding sometimes interferes with certain anatomies and therefore, should be determined on a case by case basis.
Why doesn't RadTechPro address pathologies?
As a radiologic technologist, the most important part of your job is to get the x-rays right. While it is good to know why a certain x-ray is ordered, the reality is that there are hundreds if not thousands of reasons a physician may order a certain x-ray. In the interest of keeping RadTechPro concise and easy to use, we don't address pathologies.
How do I look up an x-ray exam in RadTechPro?
RadTechPro is extremely easy to use. Choose from categories such as "Head" or "Torso", etcetera, and find the body part you are looking for. Alternatively, you can search for any specific view by name or body part by tapping "Search" and entering a few letters.